Visitor FAQ's

MOPA does not have a physical museum yet. We are working on it. Meanwhile, all our exhibitions and related activities are hosted at several venues in Chennai and other cities. We recommend that you review our Activities page to get details of upcoming MOPA events in the city. You may also wish to sign up for our free newsletter for the latest information and updates.

We are happy to provide special assistance to groups visiting MOPA’s exhibitions. Please contact Public Relations Office to set up a date and time for your group.

Generally, written permission is required for any kind of use of MOPA material, even personal, non-commercial use. Appropriate credit to MOPA should appear with the image and in the acknowledgements. Please contact for details.

Images on our site which are credited to another person or organization must not be used without that party’s permission. For more information see Terms of Use

Photography and videography at MOPA’s exhibitions are strictly prohibited. News photographers and videographers need to make arrangements with the Public Relations Office Because of certain constraints not all requests may be accommodated.

Please contact the MOPA Public Relations Office for detailed information about all of the museum’s exhibitions.

We appreciate your consideration and are happy to review the object with a curator to determine if the item fits our collection policies. Please send us an email and we will contact you at our earliest.

We have several ways one can make financial contribution to MOPA. Visit our Support page for further details.