Performing art exhibitions are a great way to view the work of a specific artiste and get to know their artistic style, other than what one sees or hears on stage during a performance. Such exhibitions that have on view the private collections of artistes - their instruments, rare photographs, notations, correspondence, awards, costumes and other memorabilia, give the audience a rare opportunity to engage with the persona behind the artiste. They also help develop new audiences and raise awareness amongst the general public. Till such time that MOPA moves into its own premises, all its exhibitions are planned as moving exhibitions that will be archived permanently on the MOPA archives after the duration of the exhibitions.

Due to the pandemic and its restrictions, MOPA did not conduct any live exhibitions or other events between March 2020 - October 2022.

Boho Baritone - 2022

The Credo of a Dancer - 2019