About Us

Envisioned as a cultural immersion centre, MOPA is a seamless coming together of socio-cultural-educational aspects. A magnificent addition to any community, a museum provides an ideal combination of preservation, education and tourism. It also acts as the showcase of a community's values.

Chennai is the hub of Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam and many related classical and folk art systems. It is absolutely essential to create systematic archives of a system that dates back centuries, so that future generations can trace the origins and development in an organised manner. MOPA will help showcase the history, content, periodic changes and external influences on every aspect of the art forms, and also look at the impact on existing and future trends.

MOPA will serve one more purpose - a complete artistic and cultural orientation under one roof for anybody who wants to get a bird's eye view or an in-depth understanding of South Indian culture.

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Our Mission

Encourage research and archiving of material and subjects related to the South Indian performing arts

Promote education in this area through the museum’s exhibits, seminars, conferences, concerts, lectures and similar activities

Involve the next generation of aspiring artistes in developing the MOPA vision through youth cultural and development programs, to channelise young energy into creative directions

Launch awareness programs on the history of our performing arts and its impact on current trends

Conduct training programs and provide employment opportunities to aspiring interns and students interested in long-term career opportunities in fine arts management

Develop a campus to support the activities and objectives of the MOPA Foundation

Evolve artistic outreach programs

Our Vision

Act as the one stop centre for reference and education for South Indian music, dance and theatre

Support the values and needs of people and organisations involved in the business of performing arts

Ensure that the business of preserving and presenting the performing arts is creative, relevant, inclusive and sustainable

Develop MOPA as a proactive and inclusive network of artistes, audience, presenters and philanthropists

Establish and maintain effective governance, a strong financial position and efficient operations